I wish I was 12 so I could have this Virtual Fashion Show kit from Crayola!

What an amazing combination of real-world drawing and digital spectacle! This “Virtual Fashion Show” by Crayola lets a girl use real pencils or markers or whatever to design a dress, then watch the design walk down the catwalk in the app!

The app can even customize the model with accessories! Super cool Crayola!


jamstik – a guitar for the geek inside of you

I have always wanted to play guitar. After the release of lessons in Apple’s Garageband, I began to learn piano because my boyfriend owned a keyboard. Now, with the JamStik, I can learn guitar with Garageband or any midi app for iPad!

As an apartment-dweller, my favorite feature is the size – I don’t want to buy a big guitar, but this tiny accessory can be stashed in a small box, but be ready to rock! It can be played using headphones, and because the strings trigger midi notes, not analog audio, they never need to be tuned!

Also on display is the puc – a wireless midi cable hub!



This new video tagging technique was a happy find. The technology allows for any object in a video to become a moving button, allowing the user to further explore content in video that they watch. For example, you could tap on a car in a documentary and learn more about the manufacturing process or history of that car. The idea is to reduce the amount of banner ads and overlay content on internet videos. I think this technology would be great for museums too. 🙂

OzoBots – Now with Choreography!

I had a chance to play with OzoBot again! These tiny robots follow any path you create for them either on an iPad screen, on a printed board, or any line you draw! They have a new iPad app that allows you to record their movements and make them dance! What a great small introduction to programmatic thinking for kids and adults alike!