I wish I was 12 so I could have this Virtual Fashion Show kit from Crayola!

What an amazing combination of real-world drawing and digital spectacle! This “Virtual Fashion Show” by Crayola lets a girl use real pencils or markers or whatever to design a dress, then watch the design walk down the catwalk in the app!

The app can even customize the model with accessories! Super cool Crayola!


OzoBots – Now with Choreography!

I had a chance to play with OzoBot again! These tiny robots follow any path you create for them either on an iPad screen, on a printed board, or any line you draw! They have a new iPad app that allows you to record their movements and make them dance! What a great small introduction to programmatic thinking for kids and adults alike!

Meet the Makers: Re-Imaging the Future of Computing

Brian David Johnson is inspired by young makers who understand the future — because they can’t imagine a world with no internet. Recalling an interaction with a kid at Maker Faire who suggested a robot should fart, he describes his awe of the boundless robotic ideas that come out of kids. He then displays a series of robots that will have an open platform for development and an app store — “it’s like a smart phone with legs.” An interesting talk for robot enthusiasts or anyone who plans to live in the future.


Watch the keynote here.

Buccaneer by Pirate3D – looks more like tiny slick apple store than a pirate, but that’s ok.

I like this. Well, I like the vision – a 3D printer that’s truly for everyone. This printer prints inside it’s opaque cube, birthing the product below as it finishes.

Added benefits include, reduction of risk of touching the hot plate, embedded plastic spool (saves space), and it looks like something you could have on your desk without it looking mechanical.

But can this be reliable? How do you know if it’s failed? I’m skeptical about the quality and reliability, but in the future those things are perfect, this may be the very form factor that will bring 3D printing into our homes.