jamstik – a guitar for the geek inside of you

I have always wanted to play guitar. After the release of lessons in Apple’s Garageband, I began to learn piano because my boyfriend owned a keyboard. Now, with the JamStik, I can learn guitar with Garageband or any midi app for iPad!

As an apartment-dweller, my favorite feature is the size – I don’t want to buy a big guitar, but this tiny accessory can be stashed in a small box, but be ready to rock! It can be played using headphones, and because the strings trigger midi notes, not analog audio, they never need to be tuned!

Also on display is the puc – a wireless midi cable hub!



Make any speaker wireless with Rocki

I’m really excited about this product because it’s fulfilling a dream– to be able to play wireless music from any set of speakers you own — and better yet— from all (or some) of them once. It’s you’re choice! And at the $50 per Rocki price point, this is totally do-able!

The only downside is that they BECOME your wifi hot spot instead of joining it, so I could foresee some connectivity frustration here.  I hope I can try some soon to see if this is really an issue.

The design of the object makes me want one even though the design seems to be randomly associated with audio. Also – it looks so much like an iBeacon, wouldn’t you confuse the two?

IMG_5887 IMG_5888