GoBe: Battle of The Bands Winner, If it CAN count calories boy am I getting one!

GoBe dropped jaws at the Battle of the Bands when they presented their solution for passive calorie tracking. This wrist-worn fitness band is large in size and abilities.

I’m skeptical of it’s accuracy, but I made sure to take a selfie with presenter Georgy because I’m so hopeful for it’s success.


Zazzi got a facelift.

I wrote about Zazzi at CES in January. This collection of customizable imagery charms have a really great idea behind them. Customize the displayed image, let it notify you of online events subtly, share your images socially. In January the form factor was very bulky. Today it’s thinner and lighter, with added bling.

The jewelry is big for my taste, but it’s heading in the right direction. It’s feature in the FashionWear Fashion show looked great with a funky scarf-like dress.

Withings Activité: A step in the right direction for wearables

I’m a big fan of wearables. HUGE fan actually. So naturally, I have high expectations. My criteria for the success of a wearable is:


Not many have passed this test. The Withings Activité passes with flying colors.

(Now, when I say that I mean for a man– a man should totally wear this. The form factor is still a bit big for my wrist, but for lack of alternatives, I’d sure love the brown one. )

So why is it a “wearable?” It looks just like a watch. Well, it’s actually a watch. And a fitness tracker. The tiny blue hand is a gauge from 0 – 100 percent that tracks your step and sleep goals each day.


It syncs with your phone and gives you all the internet-tracker goodies of all the other bands.

I’m so excited about the integration of personal data into our lives in a beautiful way. Not only does this product eco my graduate thesis, but it’s truly something that I want for all technology that is worn or brought into our homes.

Now go make more designs, Withings! Us ladies have a lot of outfits to match!

Pulse On Heart Rate Monitor: Looks Pretty Comfy

The thing about a heart rate monitor, especially on the wrist, is that it has to make good contact with your skin – no dangly bangle bracelets allowed. The thing I like about this new product is the design of the band. It’s comfy, and that means you’ll wear it. This one is for in-workout stats, and suggests warm-up / cool down times as well as recording workout intensity.

Battle of the “Bands” – Health Tracker Competition

In the “Battle of the Bands” competition, contestants had 5 min to convince the audience that their fitness product was superior. Here’s a quick summary:

A very nice and very capable health watch, they care more about the everyday person than the avid gym goer. It’s the fitness watch for the fit and unfit alike. I had the chance to play with one at CES in january and was pleased with the quality, however a bit large for my small wrist.

An ecosystem rather than just a band, GOQii is a service that pairs you with an online personal trainer who gives you advice about healthy habits based on your use of the GOQii wearable band. The band comes free with a service subscription. The audience was skeptical of the abilities of the company to pair each customer with an appropriate and well certified trainer. If the company manages a high level of quality, this may be a way to help consumers to keep using wearables!

Skulpt identifies muscle quality which is a better indicator of fitness than tracking weight. It’s a portable connected device that brings this type of experience home (or to your gym bag).

Healbe GoBe
These guys claim they can sense calorie intake (yes, I said calorie INTAKE) with their fitness band. A pleasantly playful presentation and a clear message of abilities, this seems to be revolutionary. But could it work?

Healbe won by a landslide for a professional and entertaining presentation. I’m skeptical of it’s accuracy, but I made sure to take a selfie with presenter Georgy because I’m so hopeful for it’s success.