Chatsters Doll: Way cooler than Furby.

This Chatsters doll  by Spin Master is so adorable. Her accessories are packed with RFID so she knows what’s up. She even has a cell phone and can “text you” via a downloadable app on your phone. Of course, my fav is her Westie dog accessory!

Who could resist this toy, especially when they had such an adorable mascot at the fashion show!


All Silicone Electric toothbrush – So Nice, So Expensive

This toothbrush feels amazing in your hand, has a pretty cool / new head. I would be happy to buy one for $20.

They want $199.

So does it connect to your smartphone to collect data about your brushing? Remind you to brush? Alert you of cavities or “gingivitis”?

No, It does not.

jamstik – a guitar for the geek inside of you

I have always wanted to play guitar. After the release of lessons in Apple’s Garageband, I began to learn piano because my boyfriend owned a keyboard. Now, with the JamStik, I can learn guitar with Garageband or any midi app for iPad!

As an apartment-dweller, my favorite feature is the size – I don’t want to buy a big guitar, but this tiny accessory can be stashed in a small box, but be ready to rock! It can be played using headphones, and because the strings trigger midi notes, not analog audio, they never need to be tuned!

Also on display is the puc – a wireless midi cable hub!


53 Pencil – I can’t wait to start drawing again!

I have 4 iPad styluses (styli?). I still carry a moleskin next to my iPad.

You can guess why.

I had heard the Pencil by 53 was good, I’d seen them in use in the coffee shops of NYC, but I was still skeptical. Then I tried it.

It was amazing!

The pressure sensitivity is no joke, the form factor is comfy and the wide/thin eraser is super helpful. My favorite features were the super-thin pencil setting and the smudge eraser- if you press gently on the eraser it smudges- just like the real world!

I can see one of these in my future!


This new video tagging technique was a happy find. The technology allows for any object in a video to become a moving button, allowing the user to further explore content in video that they watch. For example, you could tap on a car in a documentary and learn more about the manufacturing process or history of that car. The idea is to reduce the amount of banner ads and overlay content on internet videos. I think this technology would be great for museums too. 🙂

Zazzi got a facelift.

I wrote about Zazzi at CES in January. This collection of customizable imagery charms have a really great idea behind them. Customize the displayed image, let it notify you of online events subtly, share your images socially. In January the form factor was very bulky. Today it’s thinner and lighter, with added bling.

The jewelry is big for my taste, but it’s heading in the right direction. It’s feature in the FashionWear Fashion show looked great with a funky scarf-like dress.

Withings Activité: A step in the right direction for wearables

I’m a big fan of wearables. HUGE fan actually. So naturally, I have high expectations. My criteria for the success of a wearable is:


Not many have passed this test. The Withings Activité passes with flying colors.

(Now, when I say that I mean for a man– a man should totally wear this. The form factor is still a bit big for my wrist, but for lack of alternatives, I’d sure love the brown one. )

So why is it a “wearable?” It looks just like a watch. Well, it’s actually a watch. And a fitness tracker. The tiny blue hand is a gauge from 0 – 100 percent that tracks your step and sleep goals each day.


It syncs with your phone and gives you all the internet-tracker goodies of all the other bands.

I’m so excited about the integration of personal data into our lives in a beautiful way. Not only does this product eco my graduate thesis, but it’s truly something that I want for all technology that is worn or brought into our homes.

Now go make more designs, Withings! Us ladies have a lot of outfits to match!